Classical Guitars

Our guitars are made with varying body patterns in order to achieve the best possible sound with different kinds of wood. All our models have a Spanish style neck-to-body join.
We make guitars to order with all scale lengths between 580 and 660mm (in normal tuning) with body sizes adjusted according to the scale.
All our Concert and Artist´s instruments have our special bridge, which decisively improves the intonation. The fingerboard can be slightly arched by request, to enable clean and comfortable playing, especially in barré chords.
For players with smaller hands, we particularly recommend our models with shorter scale lengths.
These smaller guitars have a full sound with good projection and are available in all our price categories.
The colours of our guitars range from natural to dark brown.

Apart from the sound of the guitar, our top priority is excellent playability. Our guitar necks are shaped to accommodate the player’s hand and our fingerboards are slightly arched for clean and comfortable barré chords.
All our guitars, regardless of price, have a 20th fret (c³).

We also make left-handed instruments to order at no extra cost.

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All our Concert, Artist and Top models are available with either Spruce or Cedar soundboards and are hand-finished with open-pored French polish. All instruments are hand-finished with French polish.
Naturally, we use only top quality tuning machines and strings.

We offer a range of brand-name hard cases for all our instruments!

In addition to circular soundholes, we also build guitars with oval soundholes. This makes for interesting changes in tone.

Two different, striking headstock designs are the hallmark of Gropp guitars.

We have a good experience from using European woods such as Flamed Maple, Oak, Bird’s Eye Maple, Quarter-Cut Maple, and Cherry. Guitars made from these woods are available in all price-categories from “Concert models”. Our guitars are available in scale lengths from 580mm to 660 mm, with the body size varying in proportion to the scale length.
(Photos: Helmut Groh, Alberto Martinez)

With my newly developed soloist model “La Onda” I was able to take another big step towards realizing my sound ideals!

  • A powerful, dense, sweet, but still clear, separated tone with a wide range of different
    colours with excellent projection capacity
  • A very quick response with a long sustain
  • Great dynamic possibilities for the player from pp to ff
  • Balance of sound quality across the whole fingerboard

SAVAREZFor our guitars we recommend Cantiga Premium or Corum bass- and Alliance or New Cristal treble-strings by SAVAREZ.