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Armin & Mario Gropp

Classical Guitar & Lute Making

100 years of tradition

Master Workshop

We are dedicated to the artisanal construction of high-quality concert guitars and historical plucked instruments, as well as their restoration.

Tradition in the craftsmanship of our instruments and in the constructional/sound style of our models, e.g. Richard Jacob Weissgerber, as well as innovation through the innovative interior construction of our top guitars and playability at the highest level are in harmony and characterise the orientation of our master workshop. We are constantly on the way to perfecting the sound characteristics.

Armin and Mario Gropp
Armin and Mario Gropp (Photo: Alberto Martinez)
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Classical guitar SPEZIAL V, padouc / spruce

Classical Guitars

Model Antonio Torres 1877

Historical Guitars

Classical guitar SPEZIAL V, padouc / spruce

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“100 Years of Kurt Gropp”

At the end of 2023, a detailed book on the special exhibition “100 Years of Kurt Gropp” will be published with many photos and background information.

We will inform you in due course when and where the book will be available.

Special exhibition “100 Years of Kurt Gropp”

Travelling with a guitar

Since December 2019, guitarists, except players of Rio guitars, no longer have to pay attention to anything when travelling with their instruments.
The Dalbergia species, which continue to be protected, are no longer subject to a certificate of presentation when assembled.

“La Onda” Models

After individual updates in construction, they are the best in our current range. Particularly noteworthy are the tightness, sweetness, power and warmth of the sound with a wonderful clarity of tone, even with shorter scales, such as 630 mm.


Artists & Sounds

Martin Ackerman

Martin Ackerman

Ahmed El-Salamouny

Ahmed El-Salamouny

Miriam Fernández

Miriam Fernández

Prof. Antonio Grande

Prof. Antonio Grande

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