Traditional musical instrument making

We specialise in making finely crafted, top-quality concert guitars and historical plucked instruments as well as them restoration.
Our family has an unbroken tradition in musical instrument building that spans several generations. This tradition continued in 1990, when our private master craftsman’s workshop reopened after the collapse of the communist system in East Germany.
Since then we have worked tirelessly to keep improving our instruments, incorporating feedback from professional guitarists all over the world.

Armin and Mario Gropp
Armin and Mario Gropp (Photo: Alberto Martinez)

In its July 2000 edition the prestigious British magazine “Classical Guitar” and in November 2013 the German “Concertino”-magazine published, as well as in summer 2010 the Korean television program “KBS” and the German “Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR)” have sent portraits of our workshop-studio. In December 2019, the online magazine “Orfeo” published in its Markneukirchen issue a detailed report about our master workshop.