Replicas of Historical Guitars

These guitars are coloured in a historical staining process from light- to dark brown, have a spruce-neck, veneered with ebony, an Ebony fingerboard, bridge and pegs.
for example: Maple with spruce-top,

Baroque-Guitar, 2nd half of 17th century; 5- course; 680mm scale, (also in 6-course version possible)

Romantic period guitars:

  • Guitar after Johann Georg Staufer 1815; 640mm scale
  • Terz-Guitar after Johann Georg Staufer 1821; 570mm scale
  • Guitar after Johann Georg Staufer, ca. 1830; 620mm scale
    optional with wooden pegs, „Pegheds“ or „Staufer-tuners“
  • French Romantic model, ca. 1820; 640mm scale;
    optional with wooden pegs or „Pegheds“

Guitar models after Antonio Torres:
Cedar-neck, Spanish style neck-to-body join, Spanish style – joined head, with Ebony finger-board and pegs respectively modern tuners

  • Guitar after Antonio Torres 1877; 640mm scale
  • Guitar after Antonio Torres 1892; 620mm scale

All guitars including, specially for this instrument, handmade case!

Concertguitar after Antonio Torres, 1877; 640 mm scale: