The workshop-studio

Our workshop is characterised by the harmonious interplay of tradition – in the handcrafting of our instruments and in the construction style and tonal aesthetics along the lines of Richard Jacob “Weissgerber” – and innovation through the new inside construction of our top guitars and their very easy playability.
Always we’re heading to improve the sound of our guitars in coherence with the changing demands of the guitarists further.

The wood we use for our instruments is up to 80 years old.
We use eleven different woods for backs and sides, and spruce or cedar for the soundboards. We have also very good experiences from using European woods with excellent results.

Construction/design highlights

  • Dovetail joint between neck and headstock (Photo 1)
    This type of joint provides a high degree of stability.
  • Tuning compensation at the bridge (Photo 2):
    Slightly increasing the scale length in proportion to string diameter produces a marked improvement in intonation.
  • European woods can be very attractive too (Photo 3):
    left: Top-quality curled maple
    right: European walnut.