Renaissance- and Baroque-Lutes

Neck and head
Neck and head

All lute bodies are made from 9 sections of fine Maple,

with Spruce soundboard and a rosette carved after models of „Gerle“ or „Staudinger“,

Spruce neck, veneered with Ebony, Ebony fingerboard, Rosewood bridge and pegs of Ebony or Boxwood.
Our lutes range in colour from light to dark brown and are finished with our custom-developed silk-matt surface.

The body can be made from Indian Rosewood for extra charge.

  • Renaissance-Lutes: 6- to 10 course
  • Baroque-Lutes: 13- and 14 course, with theorbed bass rider, each with

five freely vibrating bourdon courses next to the fingerboard

  • Theorbos with swan head: bourdon strings available as single or double course

Prices and further lute models available on request!

All lutes including, specially for this instrument, handmade lute-case!