Top models “SPEZIAL”

– to meet the highest demands of concert artists

These models are remarkable for their quick response, long sustain, even tone quality over the entire fingerboard, a wide palette of different tone colours, a clear tone with good separation, and excellent projection.
The woods and other materials we use are of the highest quality in order to produce the best possible tone. The surface is hand-finished with French polish.
The wood used for all our instruments is seasoned for at least 10 years. We are currently building guitars from wood that has been seasoned for 30 to 70 years.
It goes without saying that our “Spezial” models have our custom bridge which markedly improves the intonation of the instruments.

All the following models are available both in the standard 650mm scale length and in 580, 630, 640 and 660mm scales as well as in left-handed versions at no extra cost. The tuning machines are either “Rubner” or “Alessi”. “Scheller” tuners are available at extra cost.

  • Maple (highest quality)
  • Indian Rosewood (highest quality)
  • Wengé
  • Padouc
  • Cocobolo
  • Honduras Rosewood
  • Macassar Ebony
  • Madagascar Rosewood

We supply all our guitars with spruce or cedar soundboards on request.
Price includes high-quality brand-name case of “Marco Magi” or “Götz” (with “TECON”-Cover). Different flightcases are available at extra cost.

NEW!: All “SPEZIAL”-models from now are available with arm-rest!

In “Classical Guitar Magazine”, issue July 2005, Colin Cooper wrote on the CD-publication of Wang Yameng “Classical Guitar”:

Wang Yameng appears to playing a Smallman guitar, according to the photograph on the cover of this opulent production (which comes with a 50-page booklet) but the first track, „Un Sueño en la Floresta”, has all the characteristics of a spruce guitar finely played – burnished tone, a sound quality that gets beneath the skin and is almost disturbing in its sheer power to ravish, the qualities that seduced me so utterly at the age of 36 that I haven´t really recovered yet. For one moment it seemed that the great Greg Smallman had gone back on his principles and produced a retro guitar for oldies like me.
But no, it is a conventional spruce guitar by Mario Gropp that this talented young (still only 23, despite having won the Tokyo competition eleven years ago) Chinese player is exploiting so expertly. It proves, if proof is needed, that there´s life in the old ways yet …